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All you need to do is watch the company compensation plan by clicking the website link ( and communicate with your sponsor the one who shared to you this opportunity.

After watching the compensation plan and you are ready to enroll you need to decide how many accounts are you going to enroll from 1 up to the maximum number which is 31 accounts.

After deciding you are required to pay base on the number of your accounts remember that the standard amount per account is 250 or added 10 by team leaders as charge so either 250-260 and it can't exceed into that. After that, you can ask the Mode Of Payment (MOP) from your sponsor so you can send your enrollment fee and you're required to submit a clear picture of your receipt and submit it to your sponsor so he/she could be able to process your account in 24 hours.

You have to wait for your account to be activated and while waiting take time to study more about the business so whenever your account is done you will be able to start doing the needful. Then in this stage you're already officially enrolled in our Secret2success Online Academy. Welcome and Congratulations!

YES! We have our Business Permit and DTI Permit.

Mr. Rafael de Andres - he is an Entrepreneur, Online Marketer, Public Speaker, Marketing Coach, Philippines Youngest Coach.

January 7, 2016

2/F JEG Bldg. Unit W E. Aguinaldo Highway Cor. Mangubat Ave., Dasmarinas City, Cavite

At least 12 y/o and above and must have one valid ID (school ID if still student)

First of all we want you to know that Secret2Success is an "ONLINE ACADEMY" and we are not a product selling company type.

We are registered as Affiliate marketing company and that means we do our service 100% online and no need to hassle yourself going to the office to perform the action or task needed. We have no tangible products to sell. We are an academy online that teaches every willing on-liners to learn how to properly market a "certain product" regardless of whatever company you're serving.

However, you are not just going to learn here in our online academy because the moment you are enrolled and you start learning the proper methods and techniques we encourage you to apply it on your own and and if you will do this as what your sponsor has taught you we rest assured that you will find the business interesting and the company will give you the commissions based on your performance.

1. You will have a chance to be trained by the Philippine's Youngest Coach Raf De Andres and was nominated as 2017 Global Achiever Awardee. He's workmanship and leadership was recognized as Outstanding Young Visionary Leader CEO Of the Year and Outstanding Young Entrepreneur during the 30th Global Excellence Award last March 18, 2017.

2. You will become a part of an online academy which was awarded as "BEST and FASTEST ONLINE ACADEMY in the Philippines" during the (30th Global Excellence Award) last March 18,2017.

3. You will learn many lessons and topics that could help you become knowlegeably equipped in terms of doing online business.

4. You will have your own monitoring website account where you can add people to your office if someone enrolled under your supervision.

5. You can access in your website the tutorials of the CEO and learn how to properly market a "certain product", you will learn about the secrets of millionaire people, you will learn everything that you need in doing online business and all the tutorials made by CEO and Sponsors/uplines are done for you.

1. Paymaya ATM Card*** (VISA CARD)
2. Loading Business via Paymaya App (5-8% discount)
3. 30,000 Company Help Insurance***
4. Online/Replicated Website for us to check our dashboards, binary tree, income transactions,
referral lists, marketing materials and our online video trainings and other services :)
5. Online Academy for Financial Education
6. Online and Live Success Coach Trainings
7. You can enjoy our gadgets and travel incentives when the CEO sets a target goal to reach and get a chance to hit the deal offered seasonal.
(Note: *** means after First Payout to avail)

Yes, up to 31 accounts per person.

After watching all the video tutorials you are required to join BUSINESS RELATED GROUPS in Facebook and make sure the groups you are joining has many or thousands of members because you are going to share to everyone in the group the opportunity of secret2success online academy. Join at least 50 groups or more and post an advertisements daily and entertain your inquiries and assist them to how to enroll inside the academy.

When your inquiry decided to enroll under your supervision be sure to give them the Mode Of Payment you preferred to use and you as the sponsor are responsible to activate their accounts after they submit their clear receipts.

Be sure to guide them and teach them properly while waiting for the accounts to be activated. You are responsible to lead all your new enrollees specially those who enrolled directly to you and also to your team as a whole.

A.) DIRECT REFERRAL BONUS - Get UNLIMITED P40 pesos for every person you refer.

B.) PAIRING BONUS- Get a bonus of P80 (65.00 Cash and 15.00 Voucher) for every left and right match.

C.) LINE-UP ROYALTY - Get a royalty bonus from your group sales effort. 1st to 14th level is P5.00, 15th level is P20.00

SAFETY NET : In every 1 account you can earn as much as ;



28,800/MONTH = 360 PAIRS PER DAY

Using Paymaya ATM CARD (NOTE: need to download the paymaya application on your play store or apple store) to activate and validated your atm card and also by using paymaya app you can see your real time balance of your atm.

You are required to reach the minimum amount of rewards/earnings before you can encash for your first payout. Once you hit 1000 minimum available rewards you need to download PayMaya app in your play store and then you need to register your valid information and complete the process (VALID ID NEEDED) so that before clicking the encashment button you're ready to put all the information required on your account under "claim rewards".

Be sure to put your PayMaya information correctly. Your ATM Card will be delivered by our Admin 4-5 days after the day you have requested your payout.

Sunday is Encashment/Requesting Payout day.
Sending payout on Thursday (PAYMAYA)
Sending payout on Friday (NON PAYMAYA)

All of S2S Affiliates has different referral link. You can see your referral link on the top side of of your dashboard. Copy your referral link and give it to your invites :) Referral link contains our video presentation to watch.

Spillover is an account/invite coming from your Uplines and spill it to your binary tree. Spillover is not for begging. Spillover is just a BONUS.

You can use your voucher for Offline trainings and other offers to be announced by the company soon.

We have to deduct 10% and 100 pesos for every Encashment request just to maintain our company stability for the reason that we don't have a MONTHLY RECURRING FEE.

Just go to your nearest JRS branch and ask for your parcel if they have received it. If NOT please follow up to our admin or just send a message informing our admin that you didn't received your atm card. Call or Text 09484467752 (ATM CONCERN)

Please inform and follow up immediately your payout to our ADMIN to prevent being forfeited. Just send them a message informing you didn't received your payout. 09338604915 (PAY-OUT CONCERN) NOTE: 2 weeks of not informing the ADMIN for your delayed payout is subject to be forfeited.

As of now, we've charge the person who is responsible for the error. Everytime you are going to correct your information you'll be charge 250.00 so we encourage everyone to double check first all the information before saving.

4-7 days starting from the date you have requested your first payout.

Keep doing online Advertisements daily and let your students do the same and let your team expand into a larger community and all of you will earn commissions based on your performances! Always be an active TEAM LEADER to your team and be responsible to keep them active according to their own will and become an exemplary team in this academy.

Click the FORGOT PASSWORD button below the login area to send your temporary password to your registered email.

Fifth (5 th ) pair is one of the company safety net. Every fifth pair on your every account will be credited directly to our voucher.

Flush out means that if you reached the maximum pair [12 pairs per day (left and right)] your waiting accounts will be back to ZERO (0).

Example: Yesterday you have 15 in the left and 15 in the right. Today you/they have encoded 12 in your left (NOW 27) and 13 in your right (NOW 28) the 15 accounts in your left will stay but the 15 accounts on your right side will be flushed out, means it will go back to zero again because you have exceeded to the 12 pairs per day.

Their commissions will be sent to them by the TEAM LEADERS under the group they belonged. They have to choose the INTERNATIONAL button under CLAIM REWARDS and choose the team leaders who will sent their commissions.

They will have their atm card once they come back to the Philippines and they will get it for FREE :)

A.) 25,000 CASH. Members are entitled to claim 25,000 company cash assistance when a natural disaster or calamity is the cause of his/her death. Natural calamity is a major adverse event resulting from natural processes of the Earth; examples include FLOODS, HURRICANES, TORNADOES, VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS, EARTHQUAKES, TSUNAMIS, and OTHER GEOLOGIC processes. OTHER cause of death is NOT ACCEPTABLE or ENTITLED to claim the company cash assistance. The company cash assistance will commence from the date of his/her first payout appearing below My Encashments and expiring three (3) months thereafter.

B.) 5,000 CASH. Members are entitled to claim 5,000 company cash fire assistance when a member is a house fire victim.

NOTICE OF CLAIM: In the event of calamity death , immediate notice thereof must be given to the Company in any of its ADMIN.

FOR DEATH CLAIMS- Documents to be submitted along with Original Confirmation of Cover:
-Police/Incident Report (Original)
-Birth/Death Certificate (CTC)
-Valid ID with beneficiary's picture

FOR FIRE CASH ASSISTANCE CLAIMS- Documents to be submitted along with Original Confirmation

-Barangay Certificate that Insured is a fire victim
-Insured's ID with signature
-Photos of fire loss
And other necessary documents that may be required by the Company.

NO. Because we are 100% online and we focus on sharing information or knowledge and SERVICES. We offer online tutorials and no need to go to any office unlike networking (which are done traditionally).

This Frequently Asked Questions may change without prior notice.
Last updated March 27, 2017
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